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Vera Nikolaevna Maslennikova


April 26, 1926 - August 14, 2000

Vera Maslennikova was born in the village of Priluki in the province of Vologda, Russia. Both her parents died by the time she was 11. At the age of 15 she entered the Moscow Textile Engineering School. This was near the beginning of World War II and Maslennikova was later awarded the Order of the Patriotic War for her help in the defense of Moscow and service in an anti-aircraft division. She resumed her studies in 1944 and graduated in 1946. At that time she entered the Mechanics and Mathematics Department at Moscow State University, graduating with distinction in 1951. In 1954 Maslennikova received her Ph.D. from the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, working in the area of partial differential equations under the direction of S. L. Sobolev.

Maslennikova worked for 22 years at the Steklov Institute. From 1975 to 1996 she was the chair of the differential equations and functional analysis section at the Russian Peoples' Friendship University (RPFU). She was a very productive researcher in the areas of partial differential equations, mathematical hydrodynamics, and function spaces, with over 140 publications. In 1986 Maslennikova was awarded a State Prize of the USSR for her joint work on "Mathematical investigations in the qualitative theory of a rotating liquid" with a group of researchers led by Sobolev. During her many years at RPFU she also supervised more than 40 undergraduate and graduate students from many countries. In 1996 she was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University. She also received the Bertrand Bolzano Gold Medal of the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences for her many contributions to the development of the theory of partial differential equations.


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