Agnes Scott College

Mary Winston

Ph.D. Proclamation (translated from Latin)

Under the auspices of and by the authority of (our) most noble powerful prince and lord, WILLIAM II, emperor of the Germans, king of Prussia, our right most gracious lord,

with the right honorable rector of the George Augustus academy, ALBERT, royal prince of Prussia, mightiest high moderator of the duchy of Brunswick,

and with the noble prorector, Karl Edward Riecke, doctor of philosophy, master of liberal arts, state ordinary professor of experimental physics, director of the physical institute, by the privy councils of the realm to (our) most noble king appointed to the fourth class of the order of the red eagle, fellow of the royal society of sciences at Gottingen and of other literary societies,

I, THEODORE LIEBISCH, doctor of philosophy, master of liberal arts, state ordinary professor of mineralogy, fellow of the royal society of letters at Gottingen, presently dean of the faculty and duly constituted promotor,

on the 30th day of June, 1897, have made doctor of philosophy and master of liberal arts the learned young woman


born in the town of Forreston, Illinois, USA, who has published a dissertation "Uber den Hermiteschen Fall der Lameschen Differentialgleichung" and has passed an examination and has proved with great distinction her knowledge of mathematics, physics, and astronomy,

and I have ordered this document in witness of this act to be affixed with the seal of the faculty.

Source: Mary Francis Winston Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, MA, 01062