Agnes Scott College

Ethel L. Grove, Anna M. Mullikin, andEwart L. Grove

ALGEBRA and Its Use, Book II (Enlarged Edition)
American Book Company, 1960

Algebra Book II cover


Effective coordination of review and new material is the keynote of Algebra and Its Use, Book 2—Enlarged Edition. If review is undertaken by itself for any length of time, many of the students will find nothing to challenge them and will soon develop poor attitudes and careless work habits. To prevent this loss of interest, this text combines the review of each phase of the elementary algebra with the related advanced topics unit by unit. Thus, each student is continually encountering enough new material to keep him alert, yet the progress is sufficiently gradual to permit the strengthening of foundations in elementary algebra, whenever necessary.

In addition, the many successful features of Algebra and Its Use, Book 1—Enlarged Edition have been continued in this second-year book. The first of these is the emphasis on self-directed study. Education is valuable to a student only in so far as it teaches him to read with understanding and to think for himself. This text provides for this phase of the student's learning by stressing the "why" as well as the "how" and by presenting both explanations and principles in terms of the student's vocabulary and previous experiences.

Following explanatory material for each new concept are examples and an abundance of graded drill material. To reduce mechanical manipulation to a minimum, the drill exercises are cumulative within each chapter, so that the student must analyze each problem. Mastery Tests and, beginning with Chapter 4, Cumulative Tests at the ends of chapters allow the student to review what he has learned and to evaluate his progress.

The second feature is an abundance of drill and problem material for all levels of ability. This material increases gradually in difficulty from the beginning to the end of each exercise. Thus, it is possible fore the teacher to choose material appropriate for the needs of any particular class or student without recourse to workbooks or other supplementary material.


As the name implies, Algebra and Its Use, Book 2 continues to emphasize the practical applications of algebra in everyday living. The student will find an abundance of stated problems which continually remind him of the need for algebra in many adult occupations.


  1. Basic Principles
  2. Systems of Linear Equations
  3. Multiplication and Special Products
  4. Division of Polynomials and Factoring
  5. Fractions
  6. Exponents and Logarithms
  7. Radicals
  8. Quadratic Equations and Systems
  9. Ratio, Proportions, and Trigonometric Functions
  10. Sequences and Series
    Sets of Ordered Pairs: Graphs and Functions