Agnes Scott College

Margaret Jarman Hagood

Mothers of the South: Portraiture of the White Tenant Farm Woman
University of North Carolina Press, 1939 (Greenwood Press Reprint, 1969)

Mothers of the South


This volume reports a part of the work of one unit in the program being inaugurated in what is generally characterized the Subregional Laboratory for Social Research and Planning under the auspices of the Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina. The present book is limited to a presentation of case material and a short summary of certain quantitative results. The more detailed statistical data of the study are a part of the body of records being accumulated on various aspects of the Subregional Laboratory in the Institute files.


It must be clear that it is scarcely possible to express full appreciation to all those mothers who so cordially gave of their time and their feelings to make possible the present work

September 1, 1939

Table of Contents

Part I • Farms

  1. Of Farm Tenant Mothers as Symbol and Reality of the South
  2. Of the Single Cash Crop System
  3. Of the Decline of Cotton
  4. Of the Agricultural Ladder
  5. Of Modifications of the Pattern

Part II • Mothers

  1. Of Tenant Women
  2. Of Field Work
  3. Of Housekeeping
  4. Of Childbearing
  5. Of Child "Raising"
  6. Of Wifehood
  7. Of Community Participation
  8. Of the Tenant Child as Mother to the Woman
  9. Of Middle Age and Mother Worries

Part III • Meanings

  1. On Finding the Answer
  2. On the Place of the Piedmont Tenant Mothers in the Larger Southern Group
  3. On Interpreting the Facts